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Keep life simple.

Feel Better with Acupuncture &          Reflexology

YOU have some stress in your life. You may even have a health concern. There is a ton of information out there, and you have some confusion sorting through it all. You are busy, busy, busy, and you need a break. You just want to keep life simple and enjoy sitting down to relax once in a while.

We might be perfect for each other, if one or more of these concern you:

~you have aches and pains, like back, knee, shoulder or arthritis pain.

~you have too much stress in your life and do not sleep well.

~you feel tired most of the time.

~you are struggling with your mood.

~you are looking to get a handle on your diet and digestion--perhaps even lose weight.

~you need some clarity amid all the health advice you have been given.

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A little about me:

I am David Turner, a certified acupuncturist and reflexologist, and the guy who rubs the feet and pokes the acupuncture points. I believe good health comes from nurturing the soul, directing the mind, and caring for the body--all of which I want for my clients.

But it all starts with you!

So make an appointment to change your health today.

I offer:

~Acupuncture Treatments

~Reflexology Treatments

~Auricular (Ear) Therapy

~Traditional Chinese Therapies

~Herbal Prescriptions

I have a special place in my heart for clients who:

-include the mysterious in their lives

-like to jump into the deep end once in a while

-keep life simple and marvel at the complex

-try new recipes and add extra spice on intuition

Check out my treatment options and book an appointment online.


Email: david@simpleroad.ca



David Turner, B.A., R. Ac.