What is Ear Acupressure?

For hundreds of years, the ears have been used to treat disease in China. Based on the theory of the "“inverted embryo," the surface of the ears reflect the condition of the body. Points on the ear are specific places corresponding to different body part. By stimulating these auricular points, we can treat the disharmony of the relevant part(s).

Different auricular treatment methods have been developed over the years, such as needle therapy, electro-acupuncture and point injection therapy. Among all the treatment methods, ear seed therapy, auricular massage and bleeding [I do not bleed my patients at this point] are the most commonly used auricular medicine methods because they are simple and efficient.

Ear Seed Therapy

 Also known as the seed-pressure method, ear seed therapy refers to the application of a smooth hard seed, herbs, a pill or drug, or a magnetic ball on tape at a selected point and pressing it properly, to stimulate the point, for the treatment of various diseases.

Although ear needling and threading therapies are very effective in treating many diseases, needle insertion produces pain, which deters many potential patients. 

Auricular treatment, on the other hand, is safe and painless. The patient may stimulate the acupuncture points by pressing on the seeds.

This method is very suitable for children or others who are afraid of pain, or unable to receive treatment every day. Through clinical practice, it was confirmed that seed auricular therapy is more acceptable to patients, and can still achieve satisfactory therapeutic effects.

Auricular Massage Therapy

Massage is an external method of preventing and treating disease, using pressure, friction, kneading, turning, and pinching. It's easy and simple. By massaging the ear properly, the body can reestablish harmony and health.

There are two methods commonly used auricular methods: self-massage and point massage.

Self-massage is accomplished with pressing, rubbing, kneading or lifting specific areas of the ear. Self-Massage can be painless and can be applied in the treatment of headache, neurasthenia, and hypertension. Persistent ear massage in the morning and evening can achieve excellent health effects, such as promoting circulation of Qi and blood, activating the acupuncture channels, regulating the functions of internal organs, replenishing Qi, invigorating the kidneys and improving hearing.

Pressure point massage is indicated to relieve pain, prevent disease and preserve health.

Two to three points can be selected for each treatment. This method is suitable for the treatment of painful conditions such as toothache, headache, stomach pain, hepatalgia, and the common cold.

A selected point or area can be massaged gradually until the patient feels warmth, relaxation and comfort. This method is suitable for babies, children, painful diseases, indigestion, and patients with a sensitive constitution. Auricular therapy has proven effective in treating many diseases, including endocrine and various pain symptoms.


Thus, seed treatment is very different from auricular acupuncture: seeds do not penetrate the body and are basically painless. When the seeds remain in the ear for a week, patients can treat themselves, and therefore better results can be obtained. This natural product is a drug-free approach.