Losing weight is tough.

The consequences of obesity, however, are far more reaching than a heavier body or a larger belt-line. The obesity-related diseases and disorders that might otherwise be avoided are the real killers in what many health professionals are now calling a global epidemic.

Using acupuncture, reflexology, nutritional advice, traditional herbal formulas, and lifestyle change, Simple Road can help you reach your weight loss goals. But there are no special buttons to push or magic pills to swallow that will allow excess weight to fall off quickly and permanently. Weight loss is best over a long period of time. And that is why Simple Road gives clients a progressive plan of attack to achieve weight loss.

Studies show acupuncture can speed weight loss and help lessen rebounding to a previously heavier weight. But it is only a part of the solution. Nowhere have I read that acupuncture alone can lead to weight loss. In each and every study I’ve reviewed, acupuncture is paired with diet change and exercise. But where do we start?

Using a practical, step-by-step, weekly plan created for you, Simple Road will educate you with real solutions so you can understand how to integrate beneficial foods into your diet, increase your energy for exercise, supplement your meals with important vitamins and nutrients, and accomplish long-term weight loss.

For $249 per month (every four week period), Simple Road offers four 60-minute sessions that include:

1.      Traditional diagnosis—a traditional medical diagnosis to help understand why we gain weight.

2.      Acupuncture—each week includes an acupuncture session to help you lose weight.

3.      Dietary advice—how to start including wholesome and beneficial foods into your diet.

4.      Lifestyle advice—why stress and fatigue play a role in weight gain and how to change for better health.

5.      Important supplements—what works well with the Chinese theory of weight loss and how additional supplements can work for you.

6.      Ear Acupressure—your therapy goes home with you! Ear seeds used to stimulate weight loss and control appetite between each acupuncture treatment.

7.      Program aids—information you can take home and follow in easy-to-understand, weekly portions that keep you on track.

Just book online today and pay for the program at your first session! 


Email: info@simpleroad.ca