Acupuncture helps with pain.

A pain-relieving biochemical, adenosine, is released from tissue surrounding an acupuncture needle. Adenosine has been shown to affect the local area, as well as the anterior cingulate cortex, which is the area of the brain that senses pain.

Whether the pain is from inflammation or nerve damage, clinical trails have shown the pain reducing effects of adenosine to the area.

Back, shoulder, neck, knee, or wrist pain--whichever you are dealing with now--acupuncture is an option that works well to ease these types of pains. It can help you get back to the activities you used to do.

Simple Road will show you what foods to avoid when in pain and has advice for traditional herbal formulas that help, using traditional Chinese medicine as the foundation to better health.

 Chinese medicine at Simple Road may use several options to help with your pain.

An acupucturist has more than one tool to help you ease your pain:

1.  Acupuncture--used to ellict pain-relief through the bodies own mechanisms.

2.  Moxibustion--a dry, herbal medicine used to heat the local area and increase blood circulation.

3.  Cupping--a vacuum cup used to release tight muscle pain and increase circulation.

4.  Chinese massage (Tui Na)--also increases blood circulation to the area and eases muscle tension.

Simple Road can design the right treatment for you.

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