Is there any evidence showing acupuncture effectively treats depression?

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry published a review of clinical applications regarding acupuncture and it's effectiveness on depressed subjects in July of 2012.  The findings of the review state, "Acupuncture is a potential effective monotherapy for depression, and a safe, well-tolerated augmentation in [antidepressant] partial responders and nonresponders."

A 2010 study from The Journal of Affective Disorders suggests that "Acupuncture therapy is safe and effective in treating MDD [Major Depressive Disorders] and PSD [Post-Stroke Depression], and could be considered an alternative option for treating the two disorders."

Regardless of modern scientific studies, Chinese medicine has been using acupuncture and herbal therapy to treat mood disorders for hundreds of years.

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Stress affects our health.

A quick web search on stress and health generates thousands of results. Many people understand that stress can dampen our immune system, slow wound healing, and stimulate inflammitory processes within our bodies. The trouble is not understanding the dangers of too much stress in our lives, but doing something about it.

Economics, family, workplace--life--can all place us in stressful situations, from mild to intense, physical to mental. Some stress actually helps to improve performance; it is called Eustress--coined by the famous endocrinologist Hans Selye.

But it is the bad stress, or distress, that we need to be careful of. Too much good stress can cause us to become distressed and incresed muscle tension, blood pressure, and breathing rate. Stress can lead us to overeat, under-eat, drink, smoke, or other coping strategies that may not benefit our health.

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By helping reduce muscle tension, increase energy levels, and rebalancing the bodies natural resources through Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Simple Road can start you on a path to better stress management.

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