"My mom and I went for a treatment. Relaxing and professional. My mom snored a little, even. I just had ACL reconstruction on June 10/11 and my foot was sore, after the treatment I was pain free for 2 days."


"For those migraine headache sufferers, I highly recommend using Reflexology as a method of relief. David is patient, kind and thorough; he does not mind explaining the process while he expertly maneuvers through each pressure point. I admit that this is my first treatment but my term of life the menopause phase is creating energy blockers and now I am totally sold on the method of Reflexology with David for a method of relief. After my first session I felt energized."


"This was my first professional reflexology session and I loved it! Even if you don't have specific ailments the experience is still worth while. My feet hurt on a regular basis but when David got finished they felt great and did so for several days after. David was very personable and knowledgable. I highly recommend it!"


"Reflexology with David was a wonderful experience. I have had several refelxology treatments over the years with others and this was the first time I ever felt pain relief as soon as I left the office. His touch is just right and his manner is friendly and informative. I will be back for sure!"


"My first experience with reflexology was fabulous! It was very relaxing, so much so, that I almost fell asleep. After our session, some of the sore areas previously sore were good already. That night I slept extremely well.  Thanks David!"


"This was my 1st time getting reflexology so I did not know what to expect. David was extremely professional, explained the basics of reflexology and got to work on my feet. Very relaxing! The tender areas of my feet coincided with recent health issues!"


"I have had very little experience with alterntive therapies but thought I would try this as a way to reduce the stress in my life. I admit I was a skeptic and a bit nervous about the whole ordeal but David quickly put my mind at ease as he explained what would be done. I am so happy I went as the experience not only left me totally relaxed but I found it very informative and educational as well. I will continue to use the services of Simple Road and will also let my friends know about it."



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